Sunday, March 19, 2006

Old,Fat & Ugly....Just kidding!! I love to have fun and have a great sense of humour especially when I drink..then everything is very funny.. Im great to talk to so all the guys tell me, Or is that just a pick up line??

i'm really social already and have lots of freinds but stil cant find the one im looking for. i love dining out, social drinks and basically having a ball. would love to meet someone who is keen to meet up and go out socially watever the situation. i love doing things i wouldnt normally do. fun things can usually come out of randnom choices that we make when we least expect it.

My last boyfriend was a jerk!I am looking for a friend to have fun with,but without serious commitment,as I am a single mum of 3 kids.I have been divorced for 3 yrs and now have just seperated from a long relationship and am not looking for a loser....

Well... I like playing sport, going to the Gym, having a dance and going out for a drink...Basically just like having fun!!!

i would really rather you ask me, than for you to read it here. but here goes, i'm an independant single mum of three beautiful children. i have been completely single for the last 3 years. it's not so bad, but it does get lonely, especially when the kids are at their dad's place. when i'm alone watching a movie, and i wish there was someone here with me i could say, lets turn off the tv and go upstairs.