Friday, February 10, 2006

Wild times

Aaron sat in his car watching the giant movie screen. He yawned. The movie was as dull as the reviews had said it was. His was the only other car in the lot. He glanced at his watch. The movie still had 45 minutes to go. He sighed.
Just then another car pulled in beside him full of Live Cam Girl . He looked over and peeked inside. He couldn't see anything. The window was up and the windows were slightly tinted, and it was dark outside. The window slowly rolled down and Aaron got a glimpse of the driver. She was a good-looking woman, in her 30's or so, with wavy brown hair. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She took the speaker off its pole and fastened it to the car door and nibbled some popcorn.
Aaron tried to ignore her, not meaning to be rude, but it was difficult. He was really having trouble not staring at her. She was very attractive and the movie was so dull