Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hi, well i'm here trying to see if this is any different from the usual dating. i hope so. i am a very dte gal with a gsoh, but i guess they all say that. yes i have a list, i am looking for a person who is above all else honest and loyal. they say once bitten twice shy-well i shouldn't be trying any more then.ha ha i refuse to believe that all boys are hopeless therefor am giving it several last try. i have 2 kids, a home and hopefully a life.well soon anyway with someone nice. we lust to go out, beach walks and places of interest. i can get babysitters so thats not a problem. not looking for a father for my kids just a friend and someone who will be my best friend/partner if i meet the right several. i am not interested in any bodies money as i have everything i need. i guess u would say i am slim to average, small darkish hair, it changes colour with my moods,lol. green eyes and am usually a very happy person. don't be afraid of my list i just know what i want out of life and don't want to settle for any thing less any more. u must like kids and have your own or not doesn't matter to me. i can't think of anything else right now so maybe i will c you online sometime.
Anyway, you can't judge books by the cover, so just so big as you are hopefully on the tall side as opposed to being too short, and you are a genuine person, who can make me laugh and we can go from there, providing a chemistry is there.
Looking for lots of great and games but would like to get to know you before anything else. i am a 164cm athletic, toned and tanned (well at least during summer) chick with light hair, green eyes that has just come out of a big term sex. i lust partying and regulary go out though i am not a large drinker and i definately do not pick up in clubs. i want someone to flirt with mostly and see where that will lead. dudes if your not prepared for this then don't even bother. am definately not looking for a sex any time soon.
Hi, im a great loving chick that lusts to party and have a good time. i lust to hang out with the boys coz chicks r just to fussy if u think u could handly me let me know.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Old,Fat & Ugly....Just kidding!! I love to have fun and have a great sense of humour especially when I drink..then everything is very funny.. Im great to talk to so all the guys tell me, Or is that just a pick up line??

i'm really social already and have lots of freinds but stil cant find the one im looking for. i love dining out, social drinks and basically having a ball. would love to meet someone who is keen to meet up and go out socially watever the situation. i love doing things i wouldnt normally do. fun things can usually come out of randnom choices that we make when we least expect it.

My last boyfriend was a jerk!I am looking for a friend to have fun with,but without serious commitment,as I am a single mum of 3 kids.I have been divorced for 3 yrs and now have just seperated from a long relationship and am not looking for a loser....

Well... I like playing sport, going to the Gym, having a dance and going out for a drink...Basically just like having fun!!!

i would really rather you ask me, than for you to read it here. but here goes, i'm an independant single mum of three beautiful children. i have been completely single for the last 3 years. it's not so bad, but it does get lonely, especially when the kids are at their dad's place. when i'm alone watching a movie, and i wish there was someone here with me i could say, lets turn off the tv and go upstairs.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Wild times

Aaron sat in his car watching the giant movie screen. He yawned. The movie was as dull as the reviews had said it was. His was the only other car in the lot. He glanced at his watch. The movie still had 45 minutes to go. He sighed.
Just then another car pulled in beside him full of Live Cam Girl . He looked over and peeked inside. He couldn't see anything. The window was up and the windows were slightly tinted, and it was dark outside. The window slowly rolled down and Aaron got a glimpse of the driver. She was a good-looking woman, in her 30's or so, with wavy brown hair. He smiled at her and she smiled back. She took the speaker off its pole and fastened it to the car door and nibbled some popcorn.
Aaron tried to ignore her, not meaning to be rude, but it was difficult. He was really having trouble not staring at her. She was very attractive and the movie was so dull